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The Internet was originally a research project intended to allow researchers to share information and collaborate across physical boundaries. Using this framework, IUFOG is a forum for researchers and the public to share information regarding UFO's using technology to break the boundaries and limitations of the physical world. The name 'Internet UFO Group' was chosen to expound upon this theme of shared responsibility. For on the Internet, each of us have a responsibility to provide something for our fellow citizens. We hope readers enjoy the site and find it useful and informative.

Originally formed in February of 1994, IUFOG began a mission to join Internet web authors together in order to distribute the workload of publishing UFO related material. Currently there are close to a hundred UFO related sites and one survey by C-NET found UFO's to be the second most discussed topic on the Internet, with Sex as the most popular topic. With such a mass of data, most of the material was reproduced and hard to verify as there was no accountability. Data on the net is best taken with a grain of salt. This mess of too much data, no organization and too little accountability provided a challenge for a few well meaning web authors. IUFOG wanted readers to know where to go and that the information they got was at least somewhat verifiable. A niche was begging to be filled. Rumors and ignorance are far too common regarding this topic.

The three original members all had specific fields of interest and did not wish to reproduce others work or compete for readership within fields they had limited knowledge of. The majority of the work was simply publishing research already available and organization of said research into a hierarchy, making it easier for the uninitiated to find the information they were looking for. In this respect, IUFOG resembles a library specifically dedicated to the topic of UFOs.

However, the study of UFO's is a mix of facts, myths and conjecture. Since IUFOG wasn't actually doing the research themselves, the members belief systems came into play when attempting to organize the incoming stream of literature. Ask any librarian and they will tell you just how hard it can be to organize information with no basis to work from. For your own experiment, see where your local library has placed their UFO literature. Is it next to books on Bigot? Or is it within the Space exploration section? How far from aviation is it?

So IUFOG decided on a set of goals to resolve this issue.

1. Our primary goal is to help UFO researchers provide a forum for sharing information and to help publish their work. IUFOG is a tool maker, not a research institute.

2. Our secondary goal is to make sure the Internet public has access to accurate and timely information. Everything submitted to IUFOG will be read, but only articles that could be documented, confirmed and provided a sound theory would be published by IUFOG. This eliminates the mass of conjecture posted to USENET everyday.

3. Our third goal is to make information accessible. By archiving and organizing information, IUFOG enhances communication and understanding on the topic of UFOs. USENET is a fantastic communication tool, but articles expire after several days and that information may be lost forever if not archived.

If you are interested in joining IUFOG, the process is simple. Become informed. IUFOG is reader supported and much of our original material is provided by researchers in the field studying UFO's. By submitting material to our database, you help further a project that has a simple dream, that of understanding the mystery of UFOs. It is not necessary to actually be able to publish on the web or learn HTML, JAVA, programming or other computer related tasks. IUFOG will provide the mechanism for you to become involved. In return your only responsibility is to learn all you can about this complex and difficult subject. If you would like to contact us, see our MAIL page.

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