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What's New @ IUFOG?

The following is a list of changes to this web over the last month, with the most recent changes shown first:

For convenience see Glenn's What's new page as well.

NOV. 15 1996

Finally added the Readers Stories Section. Under Spotlight. This will grow as I compile and mark up more material.

NOV. 4 1996

Added the Zines...remember these? :) Basically it's just for closure...I needed to have some more content and this does serve some historical purpose. See the Spotlight Section

NOV. 3 1996.

Added Smitty's old Government Page along with the FOIA and Bob Lazar FAQ. I'll revise these in a few days when I can get the rest of the archives.

Note: I'll be going to LasVegas In a few weeks for COMDEX. But of course I'll be going to A51. I'll try to bring back some Pictures.

OCT. 22 1996.

much work is going on behind the scenes which explains the lack of material visable.

PROJECT 1947 I like this idea.

 Sept 11, 1996

My review of the TBS Special.

Sept 9, 1996

TBS special gets promo'ed, and TBS sends me a copy. I'll be reviewing it ASAP.

You may have noticed that this doesn't get updated that often...well, that's because I have a life and IUFOG is just one tiny subset. If you would like to help IUFOG you can start by applying to take over the What's New page. mailme


August 6, 1996

NASA scientists think they found life on Mars via evidence based on a sophisticated examination of an ancient Martian meteorite that landed on Earth some 13,000 years ago.

That's Pretty DAMN Cool!

 August 4, 1996

Added Strange page for public education in message authoring.

Added Mail-Us page because I forgot to write it. (opps :)

Added Xenology Manifesto. This is a work in progress but I will gladly accept comments you have regarding the contents.

August 3, 1996
Reformatted look and feel of IUFOG. Hopefully the layout will allow for an easier perusal of the contents.Expect to see other major changes as Smitty and Dean get their stuff moved over. Note, you can hit the IUFOG circular logo to get back to the home page.
Playing with MS-FrontPage. I like the idea and it helps me get pages written quicker, but it's got some terrific bugs and isn't really standardized. It would be great if it worked with page parsing and Server Side includes instead of it's own kludgy way of automatic updates.
WWW.IUFOG.ORG is now our home. Please change all your bookmarks to reflect the change. IUFOG.ORG is a 32Meg P120 running Solaris for Intel hooked to a 300K ISDN line courtesy of Web-Designer. Please respect this limitation. Hopefully, we'll get a T-1 sometime soon.

August 2, 1996
Created this What's New page.

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