PROJECT 1947 has collected many UFO-related documents and newspaper articles. We urgently need translators and typists willing to help us process them.

We need volunteers who can translate articles and documents into English from:

We also need help in typing up articles and documents as ASCII text files.

For translators, a familiarity with the UFO literature is desirable, but not essential. (We can supply a glossary of foreign UFO terms and have access to a number of international researchers who can help to clarify terminology).

Translators will receive packets of UFO materials to translate into English which they may keep, and their contributions will be gratefully acknowledged in the published PROJECT 1947 volumes.

Those volunteering as typists will be sent packets of UFO material mainly acquired through the FOIA. Many important UFO documents can't be successfully scanned, so we need people who will "digitally input" them into ASCII text files. (It used to be called "typing".) Helpful volunteers will also receive credit in the PROJECT 1947 volumes.

A few hours of typing each week will help PROJECT 1947 to achieve its goal of documenting the beginning of the modern UFO phenomenon.

This is your chance to contribute to the creation of an important historical document.

Can you help?

If you can, please mail the PROJECT 1947 Co-ordinator, Jan Aldrich,

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Revised: June 24 , 1997