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PROJECT 1947 is a 2 1/2 year world-wide effort to document the origins of modern UFO phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era UFO reports through the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts. Some of the material gathered by PROJECT 1947 is on display here.

PROJECT 1947 is always looking for volunteers prepared to continue the search for more UFO documents, and to help process them for the planned published PROJECT 1947 volumes.

Please read the PROJECT 1947 Information letter and contact the PROJECT-1947 co-ordinator, Jan Aldrich, if you have any questions.

PROJECT 1947 maintains a computer list which allows researchers from around the world to network, exchange documents, and provide information about new FOIA releases of UFO-related materials. PROJECT 1947 volunteers are given automatic membership to the list. Mail John Stepkowski. for details.

PROJECT 1947 is an attempt to enhance the future of UFO research by establishing a solid collection of official UFO documents, newspaper articles and personal accounts from the beginning of the modern UFO era.

The first volume of material collected by PROJECT 1947 has been published by the UFO Research Coalition as PROJECT 1947: A Preliminary Report. An extensive collection of 1947 UFO reports and newspaper accounts from the U.S.A. is supplemented by a compilation of significant sightings from other countries, including Sweden and Scandinavia, Finland, France and Australia.

By compiling a definitive history to show "how we got here from there", the way to future UFO research projects and FOIA requests will become much clearer. Persons interested in aiding the project are always welcome.


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