During 1954 many UFO reports came from France, Italy, and South America. Reports also came from many areas which had not previously been known for UFO activity. The Middle East and India with few previous reports seemed to participate in the 1954 worldwide flap.

On 3 October 1954 the Bombay THE TIMES OF INDIA reported on page 1 that:

800 Biharis See Flying Saucer

Calcutta, October 2:  A flying saucer was reported to have been seen recently by about 800 people living in three adjoining villages in Manbhum Bihar.

      Mr. Ijapada Chatterjee, 60-year-old manager of a mica mine, "Kadori", owned by a Calcutta business man, Mr. S. N. Gnose, told The Times of India News Service here today that he was sitting in the verandah of his house on the afternoon of September 15, when he saw a disc-like object descending about 500 yards away.

     Villagers came out from their huts to see the strange sight. Shaped like a saucer, it came down to a height of about 500 feet above the earth making a sound like the whirring of motor-car engine. It hovered for a few minutes; then, suddenly, the two sides seemed to get inflated. This was followed by what looked like smoke billowing from the two ends. Immediately the object soared upwards at an incredible speed.


     Mr. Chatterjee said that the object was about 12 feet in diameter and dull grey in colour. At the centre of the side visible to him was a black patch that resembled an aperture. "As it soared upward, there was a tremendous gust of wind which caused doors and windows to rattle," he said.

     Later, the people from the adjoining villages of Borsi and Managalda also said that they had seen the same object.

     A local holy man interpreted the UFO as "something from heaven." The mine also produced berylium for the Atomic Energy Commission.


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